Looking for an app store that can help you to download apps on your phone? Well, the 9apps store app is one of the most famous app and an effective app that can help you to download any type of app for your mobile for free and there will be no charge asked to you for using the app. The 9apps is becoming the favorite app store by every user and there are so many new things that you can get your hands on. It is much better than any other app store because it has a lot to offer to the users of 9apps. If you are using this app store daily then chances are that you will surely start using this app store for all your future downloads.

About 9apps

9apps is developed by UC community and it was first released as a bookmark with UC browser. With time, the developers launched an app named 9apps and this app is helping people to download apps easily till then. There are so many users that are using 9apps daily and if you want to install and use some of the fantastic apps over the internet then you cannot get a better way than 9apps. 9apps has some unique features that can blow your mind and to know these features. The features are as mentioned in the section below –

1) Free Apps

The apps and games that are available on the 9apps store are free for everyone. You can get these apps for free and use them for free till the time you don’t buy any in app purchases. There are some other apps that cost so much on other stores and 9apps is the only store that can help you get the apk file of the app for free. This is what makes it unique and if you want to download any app then you can simply click on download and it will get installed on your phone. There is no charge that you have to pay for such apps and games and then you can start enjoying using the app.

2) APK File

The 9apps is the ultimate store and when you install an app from 9apps then it downloads the apk file of the app. The apk file then get stored in your mobile and then you can use it to install the game as much time as you want. You can even share it with some of your friends and this will help you to save a lot of data. This can also help you as a backup file if you accidently deleted the app from your phone.

3) Free Wallpapers, and Themes

There are so many benefits that the 9apps has to offer and one of the best and beautiful things that can help you to soothe up your display are the wallpapers and themes. You can choose from a thousand of them available on the app store and these are also free for everyone out there. This means that you can get everything done in the 9apps store as it has almost everything that you need for your mobile device.

4) Faster Updates for apps

If you are using some other app stores for now then you will be surprised to know that you are getting late updates for your apps on phone. The updates at 9apps are updated 3-4 days prior and if you are using the 9apps store then you will get these updates much early than google play store and other many stores. If you want to get things done much before to surprise your friends then 9apps ii the best choice for you.

5) Fast UI

9apps has a fast UI which means that it interfaces with the user much faster than any other app on the web. You can get to use the app on your mobile phone without using much of the storage from RAM and that is what makes it a fast UI app. This thing can help you a lot for sure to download and install apps much faster and in a very convenient way.

6) Small Size

The 9apps is so small in size and this makes it so easy to run on small devices. If you are not having even a 2mb space for 9apps then you can start using it on your browser and browse through different apps for free. The app is really amazing and because of the small size, it doesn’t affect the RAM or any other process that is running on your phone. So, it is better to use the app and developers know the users have a hard time using big apps and that is why 9apps is just perfect.

7) Powerful Downloader

The 9apps contain a very strong and powerful downloader which can make you download any app that you want. There are so many features that you can get from the downloader of the 9apps and this thing can help you to do whatever you want to do with the apps on downloads. You can play, pause, stop or do whatever options those are available for your mobile phone.

8) Categorization

Categorizing the app is the best thing that you can get in the 9apps and this thing help you to browse easily and you will always get what you are looking for in a much easier way. There are so many genres that are mentioned for the apps and games in 9apps and you can choose the one that you want to play or use in your mobile device. There are so many benefits that you can get from this feature. As a whole, 9apps is the best app among all other app stores and you should use it if you want faster downloads, updates and some paid apps free of cost.

How to install 9apps on your mobile?

Installing the 9apps app on your phone needs you to do some simple steps. These steps will let you have the apk file and then you can install it easily on your mobile phone. Here are the steps that you need to follow as to get things done with the 9apps. So, let us get to it –

  • In order to install the app, you have to search for it. Log on to Google and search out for the 9apps or you can simply get to the official website of 9apps where you will get the 9apps store for your phone.
  • Once you are on the website, then it is up to you as if you want to download the app store or browse the 9apps store. You can get the downloading option on the same page and click on download to start downloading.
  • A new webpage will open up and the downloading will automatically start on your phone or whatever device you are using.
  • The downloaded apk file of 9apps will get stored in downloads and you can choose that file to install the app on your phone.
  • In order to allow your phone to install the app, you have to give the permissions to the app to install from unknown sources. This will allow your mobile to install the app and 9apps store will get installed on your phone.
  • Enjoy using 9apps store on your phone.

How to use 9apps?

Are you new to 9apps? Well, there are some things that you need to know before you start using the app and here are some important steps that you need to follow as to use 9apps on your phone.

  • Open the app, and they will ask you to login into your account. You have to sign up if you are a new user and then you need to fill in all the required information to make a new account for using 9apps.
  • Once you are successfully logged in then you can start using the app. You will see apps and games in the most recommended bar, and many other famous games on the first page. You can start using the app by choosing any game and downloading it for your phone.
  • In order to browse other games, you can get into categories and this will allow you to look out for new games and apps on your mobile device.
  • You can even look out for wallpapers, themes and many other important things that can help you with a better looking display on your device.
  • Choose whatever you want from the app, and all these apps, games, wallpapers are free for every single user of 9apps and they will never ask you for money to provide such amazing features.

Apps like Vidmate, Tubemate are available on 9apps

If you want to download some apps that can help you to download videos, watch online TV and many other features such as streaming online videos and downloading videos from YouTube then 9apps has a collection of such amazing apps. Vidmate and Tubemate are two apps that you can find on 9apps store and they are free to install for everyone.

Once you have these apps on your phone, you will get to see a lot of videos and if you want to watch TV, then these both apps can provide you free online TV for your entertainment. It is better to use 9apps and these amazing features are what makes 9apps unique as compared to other many apps. If you are using the 9apps for the very first time then this guide will surely help you make the most out of it.